CONCERT / Choirs and Orchestras: iNnovative CoopERation cross-paThs

Acronym: CONCERT
Project title: Choirs and Orchestras: iNnovative CoopERation cross-paThs
Priority axis: 2. Enhancement of the environmental resources and cultural heritage of the programme area
Measure: 2.2 Promote and protect the natural and cultural heritage of the area
Overall Lead Partner &
Financial Lead Partner 1:
Cultural and Intellectual Association “Korais”
Financial Lead Partner 2: Cultural Art Organisation “Stiv Naumov”
Partners: Association of citizens of Thessaloniki originated from Bitola
Budget: 240.842,00 €

CONCERT Logo project

Culture is an important aspect of all human society, promoting social inclusion and cohesion, as well as political participation and solidarity.

The overall objective of CONCERT, is to serve both as a mobilization and professional development tool for the sector of choral music and as “an eye-opener” for policy-makers, authorities, civil society and cultural institutions at local, regional and national level for the stimulation of diverse, sustainable joint music activities in the cross-border region. Within this context, as target group has been set the ensemble of artists, cultural operators, institutions, civil society actors and individuals involved in arts, music and choir activities in the cross-border region. A more specific target group is young people at risk, who would have had otherwise little or no exposure to music education and music cooperation projects.

The main outputs of the project include an opening music and song ceremony in Thessaloniki, a joint choral concert in Bitola, educational visits of students from both countries, participation of students in a summer camp and parallel attendance to artistic ateliers on the crafting of music instruments. Finally, an exhibition with crafted music instruments as well as relevant photos and informative material “travel” for two months to schools of the Pelagonia region and Thessaloniki.

Project details:
Call No: F1
Protocol No: 4238
Signature date of the Overall Contract:
Signature date of the Grant Contract: 22/12/2011
Signature date of the subsidy contract: 24/01/2012
Subsidy Code: P005-2012
Project website: