2nd Call for Proposals for all Priority Axes

Submission period

16/02/2012 – 31/05/2012


Description of Measures

1.1 Economic development
1.2 Enhance Human Resources
1.3 Promote sustainable tourism
1.4 Protect human life
2.1 Promote and protect the environmental resources of the area
2.2 Promote and protect the natural and cultural heritage of the area


Categories of eligible actions

All eligible actions under the Axes and Measures of the Call, as described in the Operational Programme

Final Beneficiaries

  • National, regional or local public authorities

  • Bodies governed by public law

  • Organizations under private law

  • International organizations



14.010.347 €



  1. 2nd Call for Proposals

  2. 2nd Call Summary

  3. 2nd Call Guidelines

  4. Application Form

  5. Partnership Declaration

  6. Declaration of not Generating Revenues

  7. Activity Break-Up table ERDF FLP

  8. Activity Break-Up table IPA FLP

  9. Specification of Budget Costs

  10. Declaration by the IPA FLPs

  11. Legal Entity Form (Private) IPA FLPs

  12. Legal Entity Form (Public) IPA FLPs

  13. Financial Identification Form IPA FLPs

  14. Project Manual

  15. Annex Ia. Project Selection Criteria

  16. Annex Ib. Project Selection Criteria Text

  17. Annex IIa. Partnership Agreement GR Partners

  18. Annex IIb. Partnership Agreement GR All PPs

  19. Annex IIIa. Overall – MA Contract

  20. Annex IIIb. Subsidy Contract A, MA-GR FLP

  21. Annex IIIc. IPA FLP Grant Contract

  22. Annex VI. Guidance on Management Verifications

  23. Annex VIIa. Ministerial Decision YPASYD

  24. Annex VIIb Ministerial Decision YPASYD amendment

  25. Progress Report

  26. Annex I. Table of Expenditure GR

  27. Annex II Certificate of Verified Expenditure GR

  28. Project Implementation Procedures for GR PPs

  29. Extension of the deadline for project proposals submission


Frequently Asked Questions on the 2nd Call for Proposals


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