1st Call for Proposals 2014-2020

Submission period

07.12.2015 - 31.03.2016

Extension:  22/04/2016, until 16.00 (official announcement)


Priority Axes and Specific Objectives


Priority Axis 1: Development and Support of Local Economy

1.1.  Create  employment opportunities for educated graduates  by exploiting comparative advantages of the cross border area, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices

1.2  Improvement  of preventive health care and social services of children and elderly population

1.3  Improve the attractiveness and promote tourismM in the cross-border area to enhance employment in tourism


Priority Axis 2: Protection of Environment - Transportation

2.1  Upgrade  public infrastructure to improve road travel time, safe border crossing and promote energy efficiency towards green transport

2.2  Sustainable management, and recycling of bio-wastes

2.3  Sustainable management of protected areas, ecosystems and biodiversity

2.4  Prevention, mitigation and management of natural disasters, risks and hazards



Final Beneficiaries

- National, regional or local public authorities

- Bodies governed by public law

- Organizations under private law

- International organizations



The total (Union and national) indicative budget available for the  Call is 20.461.530,00 euro.


Application Pack

1. 1st Call for proposals

2. 1st Call summary

3. Application Form (updated on April 5, 2016) images

4. Justification of Budget (updated on April 5, 2016) images

5. JoB Guidebook

6. Partnership Declaration - Co-financing statement (updated on April 5, 2016) images

7. Declaration of not generating net revenues

8. Declaration of non-distribution of profits

9.  Financial Identification Form (FIF)

10. Legal Entity Form for private/public law body with legal form

11. Legal Entity Form for public law body

12. Programme Manual

13. Project Manual (updated on April 5, 2016) images

14. Project evaluation procedure

15. Project evaluation criteria

16. Information & Publicity Guide

17. Environmental Self-Assessment

18. Joint Ministerial Decision on the Management and Control Systems for the "European Territorial Cooperation" Programmes (YPASYD) images



Frequently Asked Questions on the 1st Call

 [published periodically]

According to the Call, page  17-18, potential applicants may pose questions in writing (via e-mail or official letter) to the Joint Secretariat, no later than 7th of April 2016. Answers shall be published, in the form of FAQs, no later than 12th of April 2016. 

FAQs uploading time schedule

1st set of FAQs

2nd set of FAQs

3rd set of FAQs

4th set of FAQs

5th set of FAQs

6th set of FAQs

7th set of FAQ

8th set of FAQs

9th set of FAQs




Partner Search Tool

Project Idea Form

Partner Search database (updated on 07/04/2016)




Info Days

1st Info Day in Serres (January 27, 2016)

2nd Info Day in Bitola (February 9, 2016)